May I help you?


While I was at work a lady approached my desk looking rather confused and drained. The lady asked for information about our agency.
I could see in the lady’s face that she had something bigger to say to me. But instead, I thought that I was making to much of it and waved the thought on. And with that I proceeded to answer the lady’s question.
With one breathe…the lady shared with me the story of her life she said was hell! She shared how her husband controlled her and their children; at the same time forbidding her from leaving their home. ” Such control. he had over me was absolutely crazy! Only a person who is not here mentally will allow such craziness.” ( pointing at herself)
I felt saddniess for her husband – their father…(to be in so much pain and wanting another person to share that same hurt….now that’s craziness.) She continued sharing her story with me -a- complete stranger. She dealt with her husband abusing her mentally and physically ( she later said); for 15 years. And the day she entered my place of employment she and her children were looking at 6months clean from the madness.
I didn’t feel sadness for the lady I felt strength, power that she proclaimed, love for herself and for her children.
So a little confused myself, I asked the lady, “what is it that is eatting away at you, still?”
” We only been 6 months free. I’m scared to death I’m always looking over my shoulders waiting for him to attack!” ( she rest herself on the edge of my desk shaking her head). I was still amazed at her grace, her strength she didn’t even know she had.
“You know… helped me so much thank you for listening to me. I just want to thank you!”
That was in the summer of 2008..I haven’t seen the lady since then.



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