No thank you, I don’t smoke any more!


I’ve smoke for 24 year when the cigarettes cost $1.75 a pack. Now can you believe that when they went up to $2.20, I swore then that  was just to much for a pack of cigarettes! Yeah right, I believe that same day I was flapping my gums, I bought a pack; costing $2.20.  As crazy as this may sound, when cigarettes reached $5 I was such a good customer that I  had a tab. $25 was my limit for cigarettes…it took me a while to reach $25. Even though I wasn’t a heavy smoker…doesn’t take away from the fact that I was addicted.

Cigarettes are like a drug and some would cut corners so they would have enough for their Cigarettes. While the other half could careless if they didn’t have any until pay day or until when ever.
Aug 13,2010 I was home smoking a cigarette when my heart began beating fast. I could hardly breath let along smoke. Though I did continue to puff on my lighted cigarette!! Crazy because I finished that cigarette with my heart beating a mile a minute. I had a long conversion with my God with tears in my eyes. Maybe I was trying to convince myself more than anything when I asked God for his help. Because I knew I couldn’t convince God. Well I sat there for a minute making sure that this is what I wanted to be, a none smoker. So I took my fresh pack of cigarettes, all my ash trays and lighters and gave them to the first person I saw. Haven’t looked back since!! Now that’s not to say that I don’t have urges from time to time. The urges don’t last long maybe 3 mintues but I don’t think that its the urges that was the problem for me. Its wanting one not to smoke but to just have to hold, better yet to smell.   Sometimes the urges team up on me one coming immediately after the first and so on.
Instead gum became my habit of choice. Spending $5 on packs of gum twice a month. It got to the point where I couldn’t leave my house without my gum and if I did I would go nuts. So I knew immediately that I had to find another way of handling my other habit. To enjoy a  habit is one thing but to become addicted to a one I think is another problem waiting to be solved. I found my writing again and I am slowly reconnecting back to it. Now with the extra money I have, I now have a lot more clothes and I’m trying to save for a car. That is if I can stop buying clothes. 🙂
Please share your stories of when you kicked cigarettes to the CURVE!




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