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I would like to wish everyone a happy NEW YEARS!
   My granddaughter spent the night on the eve. We watched the fire works from my bedroom, we sat on my bed wrapped in a blanket. Where I live I don’t have to leave to see the fire works, that’s how neat the view is. My granddaughter is 1 yrs old…and I don’t think she was that impressed by the fire works seeing that, this was her first time seeing fire works! She kept looking at me with a look as to say..( ummm is this it?) 🙂 Well instead of her finding something else more interestng to do, my granddaughter stayed by my side with a smile brighter than any fire works. Guess she knew how excited I was to have her over and the fire works…that she allowed me to have this one!
     To my granddaughters Gee-Gee loves you!!!!! 🙂




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